You’d Best Straighten It Up!

When my kids hear that phrase I can see the sheer terror in their eyes. Because I’m going to thump them in the back of the head? Nope. Because I’m going to take away each and every screen they have access to for the next month? Nah, too easy. Because I just may call them one of the jillions of ridiculous pet name I called them as littles right in front of all their friends? You’re getting warmer.

They know it’s coming when they see my face go blank. Then my arms get all stiff. Yeah, that’s right, I start poppin’ and lockin’. I usually wiggle around just a bit before the big finish, which always includes a drop and hang.

You see, nothing has ever gotten my childrens’ attention like a good, funky robot dance in public. It seems to magically stop whatever questionable behavior is in progress. Yelling, running, fighting, it doesn’t matter. It all stops and they either slump down in their seat (if they’re in one) or they run for the hills.

Pure magic, people. Pure. Robot. Magic. What parental tricks do you have up your sleeves to keep everyone in line?

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