Why, YES. I AM a Bad Mama Jama: Closet Love

I’ve been hard at work putting things away around here. And the process is painfully slow. Like, can’t-seem-to-get-one-single-corner-of-my-house-cute-because-I’m-still-putting-stuff-away slowly. But it’s not in vain, y’all. Though the cuteness factor is still just out of reach, I’m doing my best to put everything away well.  Not just shove it all into the nearest open space. And that takes time. A lot of it. What’s a girl to do but crank up the Stevie Wonder station on Pandora and get to work, because who better to help you organize your closets than Little Stevie.

Here’s where I started.

closetIIt may not look like a disaster, but here’s the problem: I could only see one quarter of what was hanging on the rod that spanned the width of the closet. No bueno. So, out they came. I decided to use the depth of the closet to hang double rods on the left and a single rod for longer items on the right.

closetVI“But, Camille, there is so much unused space in there. Have you lost your mind?” I know, readers, it would seem I have. There is a bunch of unused space in there, but that was part of my evil plan. I got down and dirty during my last closet purge and only wanted to have rod space for the things I’d chosen to keep. And a little extra room on the door to grow into. I saved all of the lumber used for shelving (that used to live on the right side) so that when I trade this out for my warm weather wardrobe, I can undo what I did in case that makes more sense. The closet just to the right of the window seat (that holds off-season stuff) got a little spiffing-up, too, but the photos weren’t nearly as dramatic. And I’m all about the drama.

Just as I was hanging the last of my stuff, I heard the smoooooth sounds of Carl Carlton assuring me that I was, in fact, a Bad Mama Jama (thank you Stevie Wonder Pandora station). But before I could reach around to pat myself on the back, I caught a glimpse of this.


And this.closetVNever mind. Baby steps, people. Baby. Steps.

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