Round Top: More fun, More Pie!

I know what you’re thinking. There seems to be a “pie” theme going on with my Round Top Reports. Well, you’d be right. We started at Tara Royer’s Pie Haven, then ended the day at Royer’s Round Top Cafe. Here are just a few shots of all the fun and deliciousness!

IMG_0192This is the first thing you see when you walk in. Truth be told, if given the choice between sweet and savory, I’ll choose savory every time…unless you wave this under my nose. Help me!!

Then we checked in with this character.


Real Live Bud


Flat Bud. Like Flat Stanley, but a better cook.

Meet Bud Royer. Know around these parts as Bud the Pie Man. No need for hi m to flash his ID, it’s embroidered right on his cuff.

IMG_0198Holly and I had Audrey’s In ‘Yo Face Pasta with red snapper that was grilled to perfection. I told Bud that it was “slap ‘yo mama” good. But I would never slap my mama (hi mom, I love you more than yummy food!).

After that I had a piece (well, a half a piece…I saved the rest for breakfast the next morning) of…get this…chocolate chip, butterscotch chip, crushed pretzel, pecan, and coconut pie. Help me, people. Sweet and savory. All. At. The. Same. Time. I just about fell out of my chair. But I didn’t. Bud would have frowned upon that.

Needless to say, Holly and I had a fantastic time there. Shoot. I could eat PB&J with her and have a great time, but having fabulous food doesn’t hurt!




Thanks to Holly, Tara, and Bud the Pie Man for a fantastic day of fun and food! Stay tuned for more Round Top fun from Leftovers Antiques, dear readers!







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