Rejoice with me! It is found! And a boot shaper Tutorial

My closet floor, that is. Remember what it looked like?

photo (24)I know, right? But thanks to you, my closet accountability partners, it now looks like this:

IMG_4257Ahhhhh. And do you see those ridges in the carpet? That is from an actual vacuum cleaner.

IMG_4260I even cleared a spot for boots by moving one of the shoe organizers under my short hanging things. While I was at it I decided I needed a way to keep my boots from flopping over. And stinking. My solution? Boot shapers. You’d be surprised just how easy they are to make and how it makes it easier to manage wayward boots. Here’s what I started with:

IMG_4241Just a little cedar bedding (we had loads on hand for the chickens), and a few scraps of fabric. I pulled this out of my stash. I essentially just made long, skinny pillows (don’t forget to clip the corners before you turn them inside out)…

IMG_4242…turn them out, and fill them with the cedar bedding. You’ll want to do this part outside.

IMG_4244Then tuck the raw edges in  and tie it closed with a little ribbon.


I didn’t even hem the edges, just tied it up. Lazy? Smart? The jury’s still out, but if I ever want to replace the cedar shavings, it’s an easy job.

And voila! They keep my boots upright and the cedar will absorb the stank that comes with boots and wool socks.

IMG_4256It was a lot of work, but now I have a tidy closet with only those things that fit and that I love. I also know what I have so that I don’t “double purchase.” Best of all I’ve freed up a large chunk of my brain and can move on to bigger and better things, not spending time managing my clothing. Have you done a closet rehab this fall yet? Have any tips you’d like to share, dear readers? Do share!









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