More Leopard Love: Tortoise Accessories

We interrupt this Adventures in Moving series to bring you late-breaking news on the fashion front. Tortoise. Yes. I love all things tortoise. I suppose it is because it is a form of leopard. Sorta. But not really. But kinda. Nevertheless, I love it and have for years. Take a look at these beauties I recently spotted (see what I did there?).

Mmmmmm. Tortoise and a toggle closure. Pure goodness.

And some ear-bobs to go with it? Yes, please.

As Blondie says, “Mom, you looooove you a chunky bracelet.” Yes, darling. Yes I do.

And for good leopard-loving measure, this beauty.

It’s leopard. It’s pony-hair. It holds your stuff. What is not to love?

And here’s the best news of all. All this goodness can be found in one convenient location. Plus tassel necklaces, darling statement rings, and more chunky bracelets than this girl can take! Thanks, Kayce Hughes for the fabulousness!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled Adventures in Moving.


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