Ginormous Pinboard: A Tutorial

I’ve been chipping away at getting my office/dressing room organized. For me, a pinboard is one of my go-to solutions for not allowing my desk to pile up. Well, fewer piles, anyway. I can see what needs attention without it getting lost at the bottom of a stack. And with fabric samples galore, I need a little extra room to pin things up. A big pinboard was in order. Like, a ginormous one. I looked high and low and couldn’t find one that was large enough, so I gathered a few supplies and made my own. It’s super easy and not terribly expensive, thanks to good coupons floating around out there. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make one, too.

ginormous canvas, foam core boards, hot glue, staple gun, utility knife, and scissors

ginormous canvas, foam core boards, hot glue, fabric, staple gun, utility knife, and scissors

You can use any size canvas you like, just make sure that you use a 40% off coupon. This 36 x 48 size set me back about $20. Now measure and cut your foam board to cover the entire surface. I made sure that the seams hit on (or near) the wooden supports in the back. Once they are cut to size, glue those babies down. To the front of the canvas. Don’t worry, the seams won’t show when we are all finished.


I know, not pretty, but stay with me. Next, lay your fabric out (right side to the floor), place the canvas face down on the fabric, then stretch and staple it all the way around, folding the corners so they are sharp. Note: I doubled my fabric to make sure the foam core seams didn’t show.

stretchnstapleEt voila!

officeIA ginormous pinboard! Feel free to choose a wild and wacky fabric-I went pretty tame knowing I’d have fabric and paint samples up there and wanted to make sure my brain didn’t explode with too much pattern.

And of course I had my trusty side-kick and chief pillow-smusher there to cheer me on.

trustyhelperThe perfect project for yet another wet, cold day. Stay warm and dry, friends!

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