Creating a Landing Pad

Ok, I’ll admit it. The clutter. The crap. The shifting. It’s harshing my chill, friends. Seriously. The good news is that I’ve found a few ways to deal with it. Namely, full blown denial. Sometimes a girl just needs to put her leopard-shod feet up and face away from the clutter.


You see, if I face myself away from the chaos, even for just 30 minutes, my blood pressure returns to normal and I can dive back in for another round of crapshifting.

I’ve also decided that creating little corners of order can stave off “dropping my basket.” And having what I call a “landing pad” is quite helpful as we rush out the door each morning. It’s kind of like a mudroom, but it’s neither a room, nor muddy. Well, not if you squint your eyes a little.

landing pad IThis is looking from the music room into the breakfast room. I decided this little hall just off the back door (and laundry area) was just the spot to create our landing pad. Hooks corral jackets, totes, and tennis racquets. My trusty antique ceiling tile from Holly acts as a magnet board for all manner of school notes and things to remember, and finally, I created a chalkboard by painting the inset of the closet door with chalkboard paint (not that I’ve actually written anything pretty or pithy on it just yet).

landingpad IIThis is looking from the breakfast room to the music room. Hello, unstyled shelves! Finally, a peek into my closet and a little tip:

landingpad IIIOk, two tips. First, did you know that each year millions of unwanted closet doors go unused while people cry out for more storage? Don’t let a good door go to waste. Work that vertical space to it’s full advantage. There are lots of products out there, but this is my favorite system (PS Elfa doesn’t know who I am or how much I adore them). Tip number two: when reworking a storage space, do your very best to leave one shelf (or box, or bin, or whatever) empty. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But it will help you do two things. One, it makes you just a bit more brutal as you are purging. I’ve never found that to be a bad thing. Second, when you are living life and all of a sudden you need a space for, say, all the lightbulbs you need to have on hand, BAM. You’re covered. I like to do this in drawers, too, just in case.

landingpad IVSee? An empty drawer in my office/dressing room. There’s even another just below it, but I can’t get it open. I guess it’s time to finish up the touch up paint and put the pulls back on. Baby steps. And now I’m off to plunk myself in front of the fire just long enough to muster the courage to begin another clutter offensive. Happy Thursday, friends!


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