Backyard Chickens: A Confession

We interrupt this series of updates on Round Top to bring you this special report: I have a favorite chicken. There. I said it. And I feel much better. Kind of. You see, we lost Edwina last week to the steely jaws and cat-like reflexes of, well, a neighborhood cat. She was a good chicken and we will miss her, though My Dude did say that he didn’t cry because the new Edwina (we’ve already lost Edwina I and Chaka Kahn I) wasn’t nearly as social and warm as her predecessor. Wshew! Nothing worse than losing a chicken you have a deep-down-to-your-soul connection with.

And that brings me to the reason for this post. I have a favorite. Chaka is such a diva that she doesn’t really care, but don’t tell Peaches or Herb, ok? You may know her as Bella, but Dr. Kyle and I have started calling her Dolly. Why? Take a look.

IMG_4239A) She has a platinum-blonde head sticking out of what looks like an elaborate costume complete with a giant feather boa B) she is quite busty (you thought I was going to lead with that one, didn’t you?) and finally, C) she lives on a chicken ranch (though not in La Grange). As a side bonus her fuffly feet make her look like she is constantly scuffing around in house shoes, thus giving her a bit of an Aretha Franklin air (remember her singing Think in the diner just around the corner from the Curl Up and Dye Salon in Blues Brothers?).