Well, well. Wellies!

This weekend I actually got to pull out my wellies (that’s British for rubber boots, y’all) and wear them at Round Top. For a west Texas girl, it’s quite a thrill, I assure you. Anyway, Saturday the heavens opened up. Like, really opened up. The result was a nice, muddy mess at all the antique shows. Not to worry, though, it didn’t stop the most stalwart of shoppers, including me. Unfortunately, I was so excited to pull my boots out of the trunk, I slipped them on without looking down and got to shopping. Here’s what happened.

Round Top Shopper: Excuse me, Sugar. Are your boots for sale? They are just  darlin’.

Me: (stunned silence) Um….maybe? But the mud on them is extra.

RTS: Well, did you buy them here? Which booth?

Me: (more stunned silence) Uh…..I ordered them online.

RTS: Well, I asked, honey, because the tag is still dangling from your calf.

After giggling, she sweetly knelt down and pulled the tag off for me. The least I could do was offer her the tag that gave the boot company’s website. Seriously, she was so very kind and we had a nice little chat right there in the mud.

I’d love to say that this kind of thing doesn’t normally happen to me, but that’s the second time this month I’ve had someone yank a tag for me. Eat your heart out, Minnie Pearl.

Even though I could have made a buck or two, I love these boots and can’t imagine parting with them. The corseted back and grosgrain ribbon allow me to tighten and loosen them according to the pants (or jeans or tights) I’m wearing. Also, the have a fuzzy fleece lining. Perfect for cold, wet winter days to come (not that we have lots of those here, but, hey, why miss a chance to wear cute boots?). There are lots of styles and patterns to choose from. Check them out here. They even have rain flats (in leopard, no less).

By the way, the good folks that make these boots have no idea who I am. I just dig their stuff. Happy puddle jumping, friends!

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