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the Dress

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Our crew just got back from an all-out nerd-fest vacation in and around our nations capital, and yall, it was hot. As Eugene Morris Jerome says in Biloxi Blues, it was, like, Africa hot. And Im not going to lie, Ive never been more grateful for a slew of museums to pop in and out of. Air conditioned museums, people. And for clothing that allowed cool breezes all up in there. Is fashion the end-all, be-all of my life? No, but I do appreciate cute duds that are weather appropriate. And folks, in this case, it is hands down the dress. Thats right. The only garment with a built in ventilation system. And if you choose wisely, there is very little fabric actually touching you. Optimal for those times that you are sweating like a proverbial hog and dont want things to get too clingy. As a bonus, dresses are easy. Like, you just slide it on. Nothing to match. Nothing to tuck in. Just slide into your slides, slip on your sunnies, and go! Need a little inspiration? Here are a few I found to get you started.

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Now go forth and conquor the heat, friends, in well-ventilated style!

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