Round Top: Pie Haven? It’s Pie Heaven!

Yesterday morning Holly and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a leisurely breakfast (mostly because I had to stop every few minutes and pet her new honed marble countertops-sigh) then headed out for a day of fun. Of course we had to fuel up before we could get busy, so we stopped at Pie Haven for a little sustenance to keep us going. Little did I know the treat I was in for-both for the taste buds  and the eyes.

Pie Haven, Round Top

Pie Haven, Round Top

Cute spot, no? The thumb in the photo just adds a little extra charm, I think. Come on inside with me!

photo (13)I may or may not have smashed my face up against the glass and mumbled, “One of each, please.” We settled on a slice of savory Chicken Margherita Pizza Pie (help me, people) and headed out to the porch to dig in. But first, I had to take a look around. Cuteness everywhere, people!

photo (19)

photo (14)

On our way out, we ran into Tara Royer, owner, Pie Queen, and a friend of Holly’s. She invited us to set a spell in her office upstairs to enjoy our pie. Warning: total office cuteness alert. Enter at your own risk.

photo (17)


photo (18)

photo (16)


photo (15)I didn’t get a shot of it (it was inhaled too quickly) but we had a sea salt and caramel truffle for dessert. My eyes didn’t roll back to the front of my head for about five minutes after the last bite. Ridiculously good, people.

photo (21)

So, what do I think of Pie Haven? Total heaven. Thanks, Tara. Can’t wait until our next visit!


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