Round Top: Little Fabulous House on the Prairie & Rachel Ashwell

Thursday morning Holly and I had a great time winding our way along Highway 237 checking out all the great antique shows. It was a bit hot and steamy that day, so we decided to stop at Rachel Ashwell’s bed and breakfast, The Prairie. Driving up the road, we were greeted by this enchanting sight.

IMG_0191Where else would you find the US, Texas, and Union Jack flags flapping away in perfect harmony? The property is comprised of several buildings woven together by lovely garden areas where you can sit in the shade and enjoy the beautiful countryside (actual TREES, people!).

We started by dropping into her shop in the Pearl Barn. Loads of bedding, dinnerware, and fluffy down-filled furniture. I just about curled up for a little nap on this beauty.


But I would have needed to slip into these yummy pjs first. Ultimately I decided against it. You’re welcome, Holly.

IMG_2028After purchasing a few little treats, we walked over to The Ranger’s Lounge to sneak a peek at one of many well-dressed deer mounts.

As we walked in we discovered that Rachel and two of her right-hand-women were inside. They were kind enough to let us take a look around and had a nice chat before we toured the rest of the property. After we walked out I begged Holly to congratulate me for not completely geeking out and asking for a picture. She giggled, then obliged. Don’t worry, though, I nerded out a few nights later at a party we attended (more about that later) and got this:


Geek mission accomplished! And I have no idea what I was yakking about. And clearly I wasn’t able to communicate without my hands.

If you make it out to Round Top this year, make sure you stop by The Prairie (check out the extended hours here) and be sure to pick up a copy of her new book, Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie: and Flea Market Treasures. It is chock full of gorgeous photos of the property and is sure to inspire sweet dreams and lovely interiors.

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