Paying It Forward

Dr. Kyle and My Dude are out in California right now, so Blondie and I are getting to have some girlie time. This last week we got to spend some extra-special time together with the middle school girls at our church. Each year our girls go to Fortress Youth Development Center just south of downtown Ft. Worth to work with the pre-school summer program and this year I was lucky enough to tag along. I’m absolutely exhausted, but full after watching our girls love, serve, and learn.

We brought 18 girls to serve 24 littles at the center, so our ladies were quite busy all week. In addition to working with them at the center, we took them out for two field trips. First we visited The Ft. Worth Children’s Museum and had a great time.



I loved watching my girls help their littles through all the hands-on exhibits. It was like herding cats (you mamas know what I’m talking about) and we were all exhausted by the end of the day, but we all had a great day. And slept really well.

We also took them to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Despite high temps and humidity, our girls showed their littles a great time.


fortress6We also challenged the girls to come up with coming up with a “pay it forward” project. They had to budget, plan, shop for, and execute the idea their group came up with. Ever seen middle school ladies dream and plan together for the purpose of blessing someone else? A little heaven on earth, people. This group decided to shop for and deliver toys and hand-made cards to Cook Children’s Hospital.

fortress7I have to say, after spending all of the previous week primping and “perfecting” our house for a photo shoot, this was just what I needed to remind me what it’s really all about. These smiles say it all.

fortress1Thanks for inviting me along, ladies. I couldn’t be more proud! And more tired.





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