Round Top or Bust

I am finally getting to go to Round Top this year! And the best part? I’ll get to be there with Holly, my long-time friend and certified Round Top expert! Win-win! Lots of chatter, coffee, fabric samples, and antique goodness that stretches on for miles and miles from Brenham to Warrenton. If that’s not enough to geek out […]

DIY Body Scrub

Here’s another little something to go with the lotion bars and bath salts we’ve already made. A nice, invigorating sugar body scrub. And don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy project you can whip up this weekend, so gather up the goods and let’s go! You’ll need: The usual suspects: olive oil, Vitamin E oil […]

Bathroom Bliss

We are still trying to bring our new home to some sort of order, but it is happening quite slowly. As I’ve said before, I’m ok with it as long as I find little corners of the house that are put together and put a smile on my face. Here’s a little peek at one […]

Postcards, but Not From the Edge

Not long ago I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We were at a local restaurant and had a nice little chat in line as we waited to order our food. Let me clarify. I sent my two up to the counter to order for themselves while she effortlessly balanced her […]