Well, after several months of loving, nurturing, and becoming attached to this one… …we’ve discovered that she’s actually Herb, not Peaches. And bless his heart, he sounds like a middle school boy with a changing voice. Soon he’ll be crowing at the crack of dawn. I imagine no one in the compound would be thrilled […]

Harvest Hues

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All Hallows’ Eve Eve

Happy Halloween Eve, friends. Tonight I walked into Blondie’s room and found this: The tables have turned, my friends, and this mama is feeling equal parts delight, sadness, and pride. When did my girl become old enough to start making her own costumes? Evidently the year I told her she could be whatever she wanted […]

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Yesterday I felt the need to play with a table scape for Thanksgiving, but I challenged myself to only work with things I had around the house. Here’s what I came up with… The “tablecloth” is an Ikea throw I swiped from the back of the living room sofa. All dishes came from my stash […]

American Goth-ick: Our Take

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Dr. Kyle has the coolest toys around, including a photo studio. Here’s our take on Grant Wood’s painting, American Gothic. Wood’s version Our version-American Goth-ick And now you know why I needed a post on a good facial cleanser. Happy Halloween!   Like Posted in ridiculousness

More Stuff I Like…and Stuff

When I like a beauty product, like really like it, I feel the need to share the love, whether it comes from The Walmarts or a hoity beauty counter. Here are my current favs: If you were to ask my 16 year old self if I’d ever be rubbing oil into my face on purpose I would […]

Fabric Love: Office Inspiration

I saw this fabric a few days ago and just couldn’t get it out of my head. I mean, color, a touch of whimsy, what’s not to love? source I don’t have a spot for this fabric in my home at the moment (Dr. Kyle and My Dude might frown on the pink), but that […]