No-Sew Roman Shade: A Tutorial

Have you ever gazed upon the loveliness of a custom roman shade only to think you will never be able to enjoy (or afford) one in your own home? Well, languish no more! You, too, can have a gorgeous, custom shade of your very own. Without the giant price tag. And you can do it yourself. […]

The Midas Touch: Fav Gold Paint

I’ve confessed this before, but I feel the need to do so again. Hello, my name is Camille. I am a spraypaint-a-holic. It is such an easy and inexpensive way to give something old a new life. Or give a little va-va-voom to something that may be languishing in its own ho-humness. Recently I read […]

DIY: Medicine Cabinet Overhaul

Hello, my name is Camille, and I’m a stacker. I can’t help it. When things start to accumulate, I start stacking. Sometimes that is ok, but when it comes to a medicine cabinet, it isn’t. To get to all your stuff, you have to unstack everything. It’s like playing cosmetic Jenga. Not as fun as […]

Culinary Tip of the Week: How to Burn Water

Need a fool-proof recipe for burning water? You are in luck, my friend. Go ahead and delete all those pins you’ve already pinned to ensure that you, too, can burn water. This how-to guide is all you’ll ever need. Fat burning water detox recipes lemon recipe cucumber calorie belly how to cure watery eyes treat […]

Ginormous Pinboard: A Tutorial

I’ve been chipping away at getting my office/dressing room organized. For me, a pinboard is one of my go-to solutions for not allowing my desk to pile up. Well, fewer piles, anyway. I can see what needs attention without it getting lost at the bottom of a stack. And with fabric samples galore, I need […]

A Little More White Magic

I don’t know exactly what it is about snow, but it just adds a little magic to an otherwise cold and boring day. I suppose some of the magic is that snow has a sort of sound-dampening quality to it. Magical. Especially when this… …and this happens… …the actual decibel levels that float over to […]

Why, YES. I AM a Bad Mama Jama: Closet Love

I’ve been hard at work putting things away around here. And the process is painfully slow. Like, can’t-seem-to-get-one-single-corner-of-my-house-cute-because-I’m-still-putting-stuff-away slowly. But it’s not in vain, y’all. Though the cuteness factor is still just out of reach, I’m doing my best to put everything away well.  Not just shove it all into the nearest open space. And that […]