Master Bedroom: Monogram Love

Years ago my friend Jana came up with the concept of “the one thing.” Let me explain. Let’s say that you needed to fix an easy and inexpensive meal for your family, but wanted to make it seem a little more special. For instance, spaghetti. No meatballs, no fancy ingredients, just boiled noodles and a […]

Welcome to Cedar Cottage

Happy Wednesday, readers. I wanted to give you a quick look at our entry hall and show you a nifty DIY project Dr. Kyle and I worked on this week. Oh, and we finally decided on a name for our “new” home. Welcome to Cedar Cottage! You’ll see a few familiar pieces in our entry. Remember […]

More Window Seat Love: Second Floor

We are fortunate to have several window seats in our “new” home, and I’ve had fun fluffing them. I’ve already worked on the one in my office and another in the music room. Recently I set my sights on the second floor hall window seat. Here are a few shots. I had fun playing with […]

More Fluffing: A Pillow Tutorial

I’ve been working on fluffing the music room and wanted to make a little pillow for the window seat in there with some extra fabric and a bit of cotton twill tape that I had just waiting to become something fun. Plus, I just wanted to see if I could still remember how to miter […]

No-Sew Roman Shade: A Tutorial

Have you ever gazed upon the loveliness of a custom roman shade only to think you will never be able to enjoy (or afford) one in your own home? Well, languish no more! You, too, can have a gorgeous, custom shade of your very own. Without the giant price tag. And you can do it yourself. […]

The Midas Touch: Fav Gold Paint

I’ve confessed this before, but I feel the need to do so again. Hello, my name is Camille. I am a spraypaint-a-holic. It is such an easy and inexpensive way to give something old a new life. Or give a little va-va-voom to something that may be languishing in its own ho-humness. Recently I read […]

DIY: Medicine Cabinet Overhaul

Hello, my name is Camille, and I’m a stacker. I can’t help it. When things start to accumulate, I start stacking. Sometimes that is ok, but when it comes to a medicine cabinet, it isn’t. To get to all your stuff, you have to unstack everything. It’s like playing cosmetic Jenga. Not as fun as […]