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I’ve been working on fluffing the music room and wanted to make a little pillow for the window seat in there with some extra fabric and a bit of cotton twill tape that I had just waiting to become something fun. Plus, I just wanted to see if I could still remember how to miter a corner. I'll show you how to make a fluffy pillow [bamboo] again body pet flat less more top mattress big pillows for an old couch feather cotton sofa an without tennis balls bed down throw your my how-to-do ways here: Here she is in situ. Lo and behold, I did remember! Here’s how it’s done. First lay out your twill tape (or ribbon) and fold it back on itself where you want the corner to hit. Like so: Press into place. Next, grab the tape and pull it back up and lay it back on itself again, making a right angle. Straighten it up to form a right angle and press into place. Easy peasy! I decided, since there were a jillion corners, to tack mine down with fusible tape. Now, keep going. And going. And going. To finish it off, form one last right angle, press, and trim it so you can’t see the raw edge. As much as I love hot glue and fusible tape, I decided to stitch it down. Et voila! Give it a try. It is a bit time consuming, but not difficult once you get the hang of it. You can do it, people!

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