DIY: Luscious Lotion Bars

This week I simultaneously felt the need to get crafty and pamper myself, so I decided to whip up a batch of lotion bars. No, not lemon bars, lotion bars. When we lived in England one of my semi-regular treats for hauling every last morsel of food our family ate (think about it, people, groceries are heavy) was to stop at a store called Lush. I know what you’re thinking. “Of course she self medicated at a place called Lush.” No, not that kind of treat. I’m known in my family as a bit of a health-and-beauty-aid junkie, and Lush was my candy store. It was filled to the brim with all manner of natural soaps, scrubs, bath bombs (the fizzy kind), and lotion bars. With the heater blasting through our home to keep us warm, it also dried out our skin and hair and lotion bars were a nice alternative to hauling home large bottles of lotion. This compact little gem of lusciousness (see what I did there?) was literally a balm to my scaly skin.

One afternoon I decided to look up the ingredients for their bars and guess what? There were only four. Total. I thought, “Well, I can do that!” And so I did. Here’s how.

IMG_3972I know, I know. There are five ingredients, but I figured a little vitamin E oil couldn’t hurt. You’ll need beeswax pellets (easily found at any health food store), coconut oil, olive oil (or your oil of choice-sweet almond oil would be divine), and the essential oil of your choice. I went with lavender. I also bought some inexpensive soap molds from Hobby Lobby, but a mini muffin tin works well, too.

IMG_3977This recipe calls for equal parts beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil, and so I used the molds as my “measuring cups.” I had six, so I just needed two molds-full of each ingredient. You’ll need a double boiler set up, so I chose this batter bowl with a spout so I could easily pour the concoction into the molds.

IMG_3978Allow the beeswax to melt completely in the double boiler before adding the other ingredients. It takes a little time, so be patient.

IMG_3981Next add your olive oil (this looks like a giant emerald to me. So pretty)…

IMG_3984…and your coconut oil. If your melted beeswax seizes up a bit as you add the other ingredients, don’t panic. All will be well and will play nicely together as the mixture heats back up. Finally, slosh in a little vitamin E oil and your essential oil. How much? Just a  smidge. Exact amounts are for wimps. Which is exactly why I don’t bake.

Once it is all melted together, just pour into your molds and let them cool until solid. It should take about 30 minutes or so.

IMG_3988And here they are in all their moisturizing, natural glory!

IMG_3989So, what does one do with a lotion bar, you may ask. I like to use mine right out of the shower on damp skin to lock in a little extra moisture. You can also use it just as you would traditional lotion. It is also especially good for dry feet. Before bed just rub this bad boy all over your tootsies, slide into a pair of socks, and wake up to the silky goodness.  I’ve also been know to tame fly-away hair with what’s left on my hands after lubing up. A little dab will do ya.

These make a nice little treat on their own, or a full-blown gift when combined with salt scrub and bath salts. I’ll share the recipes for those later. In the mean time, round up your supplies and go to town. Your skin will thank you!

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