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Remember those lotion bars I whipped up last week? Well, they seemed a little lonely, so I decided to make some bath salt to go with them. This is a pretty complicated process, so pay close attention. Here’s what you’ll need:

Some plain old Epsom Salt (the giant bag in the photo cost under $3 at the Walmarts), a lidded container (any kind will do), the essential oil of your choice (I went with lavender again), and a nifty container to put it in when you’re done (I found this little lovely at the Salvation Army for 50¢).

Again, this is rocket surgery, so pay really close attention. Dump some Epsom Salt into the lidded container (but take the lid off, first), then add a dash of essential oil. Put the lid on and shake it.

How you choose to shake it is entirely up to you. I prefer to do mine with a little Gloria Gaynor in the background, but to each his or her own.

Then dump it into the pretty container of your choice and voila!

Now your lotion bars aren’t lonely anymore. I told you, people, that this was a complicated process, so after you’re done reward yourself by soaking in a little of your new creation. What “flavor” would you make, and more importantly, how will you choose to shake it? Inquiring minds want to know!


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