Chez Moi in the Kitchen: Kiffy’s Potato Casserole

I know, I can hear your gasps from all over blogland. Yes, I can cook, I just have my own unique brand of doing so. My mom and I call it some cooking. As in, “How much do you put into the recipe?” “Some.” And there you have it. Precision is not my game, especially in the kitchen, so don’t look for me to become a pastry chef any time soon. But I sure can make a mean side dish.

First, assemble the ensemble.

photo (52)Fancy, no? But I’m telling you, people will beat down your door this Thanksgiving just to get a bite. In fact, my little brother, Kiffy (for whom this culinary creation is named), might just walk away from all the festivities if it isn’t on the menu.

Next, make sure your trusty helper is at your side. This is important.

photo (54)

Using your microplane grater, grate one onion. I know this seems weird, but all these years I thought Dr. Kyle might die if an onion passed his lips. I recently discovered that he likes the flavor,  but not the texture. This is how I sneak it in. It really does add great flavor to the casserole.

In the same bowl, add 8 oz of sour cream and a small can of cream of whatever soup. I chose mushroom because I had some. *Note-the large can in the photo is enough for two recipes. Add some salt and pepper to taste (see? some is a viable quantity in cooking). Blend well.

Next, grate 1/2 pound of sharp cheddar (or whatever floats your boat). Toss it in and blend again.

photo (53)

Reserve a small block of cheese. This may be the most important part of the recipe. Do not, I repeat, do NOT skip this step. It is vital. Trust me. photo (59)

Add one bag (one pound) of frozen hash browns. You can use the shredded kind like me, or the cubed type for more sophisticated palates (or if that’s what’s on sale). If you are feeling especially naughty you can add 3/4 of a stick of melted butter, but this is the low fat version (ahem).

Scoop all the deliciousness into your most glorious 9×13 oven proof serving dish. Please don’t tell Martha I used aluminum. Mine is being frozen and transported to H-town for the festivities, so this was the most practical choice.

photo (56)You’d better believe that I doubled it up. You should, too, unless you want an angry mob with forks in hand coming after you.

If serving immediately, tuck those babies into a 350 degree oven for about an hour, or until it’s all bubbly and brown. If not, slide them in the freezer for a rainy day. Because what’s better than yummy Kiffy Potato Casserole on a rainy day?

photo (57)Finally, take your reserved cheese and reward your trusty side-kick for a job well done.

photo (58)See? I told you it was important. Whip some up, friends, and let me know how yours turned out. I promise not to tell Kiffy where you live so there’s not an ambush.

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