Snowy Days

Well, apparently little Phil saw his shadow, so we are in for a bit more cold weather. That is, if you believe in the meteorological prowess of a rodent. At any rate, tuck yourselves in, enjoy a bit of extra cocoa, and stay warm, friends! Snowy view, back yard.   Like Posted in stuff I […]

Creating a Landing Pad

Ok, I’ll admit it. The clutter. The crap. The shifting. It’s harshing my chill, friends. Seriously. The good news is that I’ve found a few ways to deal with it. Namely, full blown denial. Sometimes a girl just needs to put her leopard-shod feet up and face away from the clutter. You see, if I face […]

Oprah Has Great Taste

I couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse into a kitchen Holly has been working on, and now it is up on for all to see! Check this out! source When Holly called and asked me to join her and her photographer, Tami, for a photo shoot in Ft. Worth of a kitchen she […]

Black Door Love

In our previous home, I remember painting the front door black while the kids were at school. When My Dude got home and closed the door behind him, he whirled around and said, “Wow. It’s black.” I held my breath for a moment then heard him say, “That’s cool.” Wshew! It wasn’t long before I painted […]

More Leopard Love: Tortoise Accessories

We interrupt this Adventures in Moving series to bring you late-breaking news on the fashion front. Tortoise. Yes. I love all things tortoise. I suppose it is because it is a form of leopard. Sorta. But not really. But kinda. Nevertheless, I love it and have for years. Take a look at these beauties I recently […]

Adventures in Moving

Hello, dear readers. I am so happy to be back “in the land of the living” and back on-line. We have been in the middle of moving to a new house and things have been a wee bit crazy. A BIG shout out to our moving crew that schlepped everything from boxes of porcelain udder […]

I Can Read. Really, I Can.

I had envisioned this post being entitled, “More Goodwill Hunting.” Dr. Kyle and I were discussing furnishings for the new house. It went something like this. Me: For the breakfast room I’d like a round table. Dr. Kyle: MmmHmmm. Me: Preferably with a pedestal base so we can fit lots of chairs around it easily. […]