You’d Best Straighten It Up!

When my kids hear that phrase I can see the sheer terror in their eyes. Because I’m going to thump them in the back of the head? Nope. Because I’m going to take away each and every screen they have access to for the next month? Nah, too easy. Because I just may call them […]

Neat and Clean and Just Not Right

For a month now I’ve passed by My Dude’s bedroom and it is just as neat and tidy as the day after he and Dr. Kyle left for California to enjoy our summer home. And it’s just not right. His bed is perfectly made, mitered corners and all. All his pens and pencils are neatly […]

Big News from Chez Moi and Holly Mathis Interiors

I’m really excited to announce that Holly and I are planning a trip to England to do some shopping and we want you to join us! Presenting… Head over to Holly’s blog for more information, but hurry, space is very limited! Cheerio! Like Posted in travel

Paying It Forward

Dr. Kyle and My Dude are out in California right now, so Blondie and I are getting to have some girlie time. This last week we got to spend some extra-special time together with the middle school girls at our church. Each year our girls go to Fortress Youth Development Center just south of downtown […]

Holiday Decor: Sawing Logs

Over Thanksgiving (or as we’ve dubbed it, Thanksmas) my sister-in-law had a great idea for a little craftiness au natural. Naw, we didn’t get crafty in the buff, we decided to bring a little nature indoors with a project that included slices of tree branches all gussied up with some chalkboard paint. As I worked […]

Master Bedroom: Monogram Love

Years ago my friend Jana came up with the concept of “the one thing.” Let me explain. Let’s say that you needed to fix an easy and inexpensive meal for your family, but wanted to make it seem a little more special. For instance, spaghetti. No meatballs, no fancy ingredients, just boiled noodles and a […]

Welcome to Cedar Cottage

Happy Wednesday, readers. I wanted to give you a quick look at our entry hall and show you a nifty DIY project Dr. Kyle and I worked on this week. Oh, and we finally decided on a name for our “new” home. Welcome to Cedar Cottage! You’ll see a few familiar pieces in our entry. Remember […]