Postcards, but Not From the Edge

Not long ago I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We were at a local restaurant and had a nice little chat in line as we waited to order our food. Let me clarify. I sent my two up to the counter to order for themselves while she effortlessly balanced her […]

First House Love: A Surprise Visit

Not long ago I drove past our first little house. The one bought when we moved back for Dr. Kyle to teach at our alma mater. The home we lovingly brought back to life with lots and lots of elbow grease and paint. The place where we brought our new babies home. And I noticed there was […]

Chez Poulet

Good morning readers! I wanted to introduce you to our newest family members. Meet Peaches and Herb (the two on the left), Bella (the shy little yellow one), and Chaka Kahn (on the far right). Chip is in there somewhere, but he wasn’t ready for his close-up I guess. And here is their humble abode. […]

DIY: Bath Salts (Like, for your Bath)

Remember those lotion bars I whipped up last week? Well, they seemed a little lonely, so I decided to make some bath salt to go with them. This is a pretty complicated process, so pay close attention. Here’s what you’ll need: Some plain old Epsom Salt (the giant bag in the photo cost under $3 […]

Stop Touching My Melon Balls: Why My Children Must Go Back to School

Recently Blondie and I were invited to a friend’s house for a little luncheon get together, so naturally I asked what we could bring. Fruit. Right. No problem. In fact, this was the perfect opportunity to teach Blondie how to shop for, prepare, and transport a lovely fruit tray to share with others. So we […]

DIY: Luscious Lotion Bars

This week I simultaneously felt the need to get crafty and pamper myself, so I decided to whip up a batch of lotion bars. No, not lemon bars, lotion bars. When we lived in England one of my semi-regular treats for hauling every last morsel of food our family ate (think about it, people, groceries are heavy) was […]

You’d Best Straighten It Up!

When my kids hear that phrase I can see the sheer terror in their eyes. Because I’m going to thump them in the back of the head? Nope. Because I’m going to take away each and every screen they have access to for the next month? Nah, too easy. Because I just may call them […]