Bookpage Garland Tutorial

My apologies, readers, but this tutorial is going to require a great deal of imagination on your part. Why? Because this is what is between me and my supplies…

IMG_4441All manner of junk, but all for a good cause. We are in the midst of packing up our home and have done serious amounts of crapshifting as we prepare for the move (I can’t wait to show you where we are going!). Therefore, the things I used to create the garland are just a bit out of my reach, but we can pretend we have what we need, right?

First, imagine an oval paper punch with a pretty scalloped edge. Next, imagine punching out lots of them using old French textbooks you have collecting dust. Finally, imagine stacking two of them together and sewing right down the middle of them. What? Sewing paper? Yes! There is all manner of fun stuff you can do by sewing paper together! More on that later. Once you’ve sewn down the middle of one pair of ovals, stick the next set under the presser foot and do it again. And again. And again. Voila! A garland!

IMG_4436Of course you can just run one paper punch through at a time, but I decided to double them up then “fluff” them by separating the halves and slightly creasing them to keep them separated a bit.

I used the same method to make a few ornaments, too.

IMG_4433I just swapped out my little oval punch for a 3 inch circle punch and added some pretty colored scrapbooking paper to the stack of ( about 5) circles of book pages, sewed up the middle, “fluffed,” and tied a bit of twine around the whole thing to hand them on the tree. Of course you can use any shape punch and any kind of paper you would like (or have floating around your house) to whip up something fun.

And there you have it. Fun, easy, inexpensive, and a little bit of bookpage upcycling for your tree! Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for stretching your imagination a bit for this tutorial. Happy Tuesday, all!




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