More Leopard Love: Tortoise Accessories

We interrupt this Adventures in Moving series to bring you late-breaking news on the fashion front. Tortoise. Yes. I love all things tortoise. I suppose it is because it is a form of leopard. Sorta. But not really. But kinda. Nevertheless, I love it and have for years. Take a look at these beauties I recently […]

Adventures in Moving

Hello, dear readers. I am so happy to be back “in the land of the living” and back on-line. We have been in the middle of moving to a new house and things have been a wee bit crazy. A BIG shout out to our moving crew that schlepped everything from boxes of porcelain udder […]

I Can Read. Really, I Can.

I had envisioned this post being entitled, “More Goodwill Hunting.” Dr. Kyle and I were discussing furnishings for the new house. It went something like this. Me: For the breakfast room I’d like a round table. Dr. Kyle: MmmHmmm. Me: Preferably with a pedestal base so we can fit lots of chairs around it easily. […]

Bookpage Garland Tutorial

My apologies, readers, but this tutorial is going to require a great deal of imagination on your part. Why? Because this is what is between me and my supplies… All manner of junk, but all for a good cause. We are in the midst of packing up our home and have done serious amounts of […]

I Lived to Tell the Tale

Heavens to Betsy. I hate that I went MIA from blogland for so long, but it has been quite a week-and-a-half. Just as we were packing ourselves up to go down to H-Town for Thanksmas with the fam, I got slammed with the flu. The good news is that I realized it before I got down […]

Chez Moi in the Kitchen: Kiffy’s Potato Casserole

I know, I can hear your gasps from all over blogland. Yes, I can cook, I just have my own unique brand of doing so. My mom and I call it some cooking. As in, “How much do you put into the recipe?” “Some.” And there you have it. Precision is not my game, especially in the […]

The Sweetest Gifts

As my kids get older, I find myself thinking about how much they’ve changed, especially over the last couple of years or so. When did they get so tall? When did they start looking like young adults? How in the world is it possible for them to be this grown up while I’m staying so […]