DIY: Bath Salts (Like, for your Bath)

Remember those lotion bars I whipped up last week? Well, they seemed a little lonely, so I decided to make some bath salt to go with them. This is a pretty complicated process, so pay close attention. Here’s what you’ll need: Some plain old Epsom Salt (the giant bag in the photo cost under $3 […]

Stop Touching My Melon Balls: Why My Children Must Go Back to School

Recently Blondie and I were invited to a friend’s house for a little luncheon get together, so naturally I asked what we could bring. Fruit. Right. No problem. In fact, this was the perfect opportunity to teach Blondie how to shop for, prepare, and transport a lovely fruit tray to share with others. So we […]

DIY: Luscious Lotion Bars

This week I simultaneously felt the need to get crafty and pamper myself, so I decided to whip up a batch of lotion bars. No, not lemon bars, lotion bars. When we lived in England one of my semi-regular treats for hauling every last morsel of food our family ate (think about it, people, groceries are heavy) was […]

You’d Best Straighten It Up!

When my kids hear that phrase I can see the sheer terror in their eyes. Because I’m going to thump them in the back of the head? Nope. Because I’m going to take away each and every screen they have access to for the next month? Nah, too easy. Because I just may call them […]

Neat and Clean and Just Not Right

For a month now I’ve passed by My Dude’s bedroom and it is just as neat and tidy as the day after he and Dr. Kyle left for California to enjoy our summer home. And it’s just not right. His bed is perfectly made, mitered corners and all. All his pens and pencils are neatly […]

Big News from Chez Moi and Holly Mathis Interiors

I’m really excited to announce that Holly and I are planning a trip to England to do some shopping and we want you to join us! Presenting… Head over to Holly’s blog for more information, but hurry, space is very limited! Cheerio! Like Posted in travel

Paying It Forward

Dr. Kyle and My Dude are out in California right now, so Blondie and I are getting to have some girlie time. This last week we got to spend some extra-special time together with the middle school girls at our church. Each year our girls go to Fortress Youth Development Center just south of downtown […]